I pretend to be a statue. I feel the shakes inside. I touch the shutter button. I worry about the blurry result. And I cry that the moment has forever passed. Me, plus you. i’ma tell you one time.. =)

– – Rhodel, laurel – –


that’s are friends are for..

Friends.. friends smile at you. They like your face. They want to be with you any old place. Friends have fun with you. Friends share they’re glad when you’re happy when you’re sad, they care. If you’re a friend then you care, too. That’s why your friends are glad you’re you!! =) hehe..

– – Rhodel Laurel – –


after we took an exam in our Physics subject, we claimed our Aribba sim at the ICST Lobby.. 😀
My friends [Maan, Jorie, rhodel, Kim and Regene] decided to watch the Paranormal Activity at Rhodel’s house.. but he said that her sisters are staying at their house.. so, our Plan B is to watch the movie at Jorie’s house.. when we are watching, Jorie’s Lola [mommy] prepared some food for us..
Paranormal Activity was a great movie.. 😀 after we watch it [1:00 pm], we took a picture and we decided to review for our next exam which is Theology..
at exactly 2:00 pm, we go back to school to take the exam.. 😉

Friends are Angels on Earth

Friends are angels on earth. Some were meant to be very good influence so you will be able to continue on tracking the right path while some were meant to be harsh which will bring you lots of challenges to where you can learn from. It is normal to have misunderstandings with your friends because each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Argumentation will always expected.

We should always be careful in considering some persons as our friends. Because sometimes, the people whom we thought will lift us up, are the one’s who will drag us down. Be aware of the people around you. Get to know yourself more before getting to know other people. Because if  it so happened that you let other people come into your life with lack of knowledge about yourself, they are the one who are going to introduce your life to yourself the way they want it to be. Get to know yourself first. So you will be able to determine if things go wrong. Also, it will be easy for you to identify the changes in you or you will just find out if you are still the person you used to know.

-Maan Angelica-

Rush :))


Me and my friends, make our take home lab exam while ago we need to submit it before 5pm.Shocks!my brain is bleeding LOL,we have been take our preliminary exam for programming 1 and guess what, the questions makes my head broken, hahahaha!Finally we finished all things we must do for this day. This whole week is our prelim week so we need to review and review, this coming Friday is our last day of school, because we have a Christmas vacation. This day is full of rush =)) LOL


THANKS GOD IT’S FRIDAY!..NSTP class only!!YEHEY!..A while ago is our Preliminary in NSTP, we need to defend our proposal to Mr. Arthur Anterola which is our facilitator.

I felt so nervous when our teacher came. Group 3 is the first reporter, second is Group 4, next to Group 4 is Group 1 and we our the last reporter. Erica Banasihan is our leader, our cute leader..hAhAhAhA!…:)….Our friends called her Erica Joy..

I’m the second reporter for our Group, I explained about the objectives of our Group in Barangay Palingon. Our project is all about segregation because when we went there last week, we noticed that there are many garbage..

-Marjorie Grace P. Fortus..-


who am i?.. 😀

I am an ordinary person with a hero’s heart.. I have an ordinary mind with thoughts that set me apart.. I have an ordinary body with blood that flows of poet’s ink.. I have have two ordinary eyes that see beyond your soul.. I have an ordinary love that is deeper than can be told.. And i shall die an ordinary death yet lived an extraordinary life.. 😀


Early this morning,  I was shocked because Abi and I are the only person at the gymnasium. We thought that they have done in our Preliminary in P.E. . Then after an hour they all came..  We have started in our Preliminary Examination in P.E… My group mates are Martin,Ron,Moog, Rhodel,Philip, Maan,Judy Ann,Kim and Erica.. We our group 2 and we are the first performer..  YIPEE!, Finally we got 92!…. We got the highest score …