Lab Assignment. :)

From Penelope Trunk’s posts on her blog, I chose The new post-college prestige job is retail..|

Penelope Trunk said that the New York Times reports that we’re experiencing a sea change in the career department because the former favorites are no longer prestigious, and new choices, like teaching and government service, are rising in popularity.

Some of the fresh College Graduate can’t find a job easily. So, they are finding a solution for their financial needs. Several of them try retailing to earn profits to sustain their needs. Retail is the best way to solve their problems because it is flexible, and you just need a confidence in facing different people every time. This leaves a lot of time and energy to do what you really need to be doing: Trying a lot of things on for size.

 Exploring new stuff helps you to know your self better.
The best way to give yourself knowledge is to give time during your 20’s. Because it is hard for you to discover yourself are after you have kids/family. At the same time, it is not easy to focus on yourself once your profession is in progress.

if you are in your 20’s, you should try retail. According to Penelope, here’s why..

Retail enables an honest approach to adulthood;
Retail gets you to the American dream; and
Retail gives camaraderie – something you really need in you 20’s. 

 >> I totally agree with this post. Because for me, retail is simple and instant satisfaction – you can also meet a lot of people to be friends with. I think that a lot of college students will do retail because at this moment, many are unemplyed.



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