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Paramore.. [Lab Assignment]

Paramore rocks my world!

I Love Paramore..
I love the way they play and interpret a music..
I’m one of those solid fans whose enjoying while listening to their songs.. I like all their songs because
they introduced me to rock.. 😀
I’ve loved them ever since..
They rock our house every time..
and they have a great sound and should go on forever.. 🙂

I know the fact that not all person likes Paramore..
Some of my Friends are also a Paramore Fan.. But some of them are not..
Like what Maan said [my classmate],
“I get irritated whenever I hear Red Hair’s voice..”
While Khim said [my classmate],
“I also love Paramore because they’re one of my favorite bands..”

My Top Five Favorite Songs of Paramore as of now:
1. Brick By Boring Brick
2. Turn it Off
3. Misguided Ghost
4. Fences
5. Decoy

How about Yours? 😀