haha! so late. 😀 just had discover that Zombatar thing at Plants vs. Zombies Game Of The Year Edition Final (Download Here)

Popcap, as part of their Plants vs Zombies game section, is offering a create-a-zombie section. It’s pretty fun. Try to visit Here.

What is Zombatar?

The Zombatar is one of the special features in the official Plants vs. Zombies webpage. It allows the customization of your very own zombie, having several different styles for hair, beards, clothes, skin colour and other decorations. The site suggests using Zombatars for a Facebook profile picture, a Twitter profile picture, a Steam profile picture, and to scare your mom. Furthermore, in the Game of the Year edition of Plants vs. Zombies, you can use a similar function to create a Zombie, which will be put into your game as a Flag Zombie whenever a huge wave arrives.

Here’s my Snapshot. 😀

My Zombatar. 😀