Adroid OS Versions

Android Versions

Android 2.1
The first commercial version of Android i.e. V1.0 was released in 2008. But all phones comes with at least the 2.1 version. Version 2.1 was released by the end of 2009 and is code-named Eclair.

What’s with this version?
V2.0 comes with the following features:
1. Revamped User Interface therefore supporting higher screen resolutions and screen sizes.
2. Users can set live wallpapers
3. Camera Flash Support
4. Exchange email support
5. Multiple account and contact synchronization

Android 2.2
Within six months of the release of v2.1, Google announced the next update v2.2 which is code-named Froyo. In addition to above version, this version includes the following:
1. Wi-Fi hotspot functionality
2. USB tethering
3. Improved multimedia management
4. Push Notifications and
5. Ability of installing applications on memory cards instead of phone memory.

Android 2.3
Some minor additions to the Operating System included improved performance, improved application launcher, automatic application update support in the apps market, Adobe Flash support, voice dialing using Bluetooth. Eventually, Froyo became the OS of choice for tablets owing to its compatibility of supporting larger displays and stability. These are just the features that any android application development company would look for in order to create the best of applications.

Then after another six months, v2.3 was launched with the Google Nexus S. v2.3 was also known as Gingerbread. The improvisations made in this one are:
1. Revamped UI
2. Improved keyboard with better accuracy
3. Simpler copy/paste functionality
4. Front or Secondary camera, gyroscope and barometer support on devices
5. Better power management thereby better battery life

Android 3.0
This one is specifically designed for tables keeping in view the larger screen of tables. It comes with new interface with 3D effects. It also solved the issue of Android button standardization. The need to have physical buttons on devices has been removed by adding a system bar at the bottom. This system bar displays one touch access to connectivity settings, notifications, navigation buttons, etc. Some of the other improvisations include improved onscreen keyboard, multi-core processor support, hardware acceleration, etc. Another feature worth mentioning is the support for external keyboard and joysticks.

Android 4.0
This is the newest version of Android operating system and ia code-named Ice Cream Sandwich. This will be the common OS for both Android Powered phones and tablets from now onwards. It puts in together the best features of v2.x and 3.x, has got new looks and is improved in functions.

Some new features exclusive to this version are:
1. Face recognition
2. Customizable apps launcher


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