Twilio Adds Picture Messaging To Its API Frame, Cuts Text API Pricing By 25% For U.S. Numbers



Photo-sharing services like Instagram have become some of the most popular of all mobile apps, and today Twilio launched a new service that could help a much larger swathe of developers tap into that trend: picture messaging.

Alongside that, it has also given its messaging services a mini-revamp: it has dropped the price of its SMS produce by 25 percent for U.S. phone numbers. It now costs $0.0075 per message, inbound and outbound, although international messaging and short code messaging rates are not being discounted at the moment. And it’s now offering a service for concatenated SMS messages that can be strung together to be longer than 160 characters, and up to 1,600 characters.

twilio MMS“Text messaging is a great way to communicate, but often words are not enough,” said Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio, speaking today in San Francisco when the product was announced. “Why describe a…

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