101 Things I Will Teach My Son


Thought Catalog

Dear Elijah and Damien, my future sons. This is a list of 101 things I wish to impart to you from the wisdom of your father at age 23. At this age, I was serving my time in the Army and was still trying to find my way in life. Hopefully when you are old enough to read this I have already found my way and raised both of you wonderfully to be the men I dream that you can become.

Pursuit of HappynessPursuit of Happyness

1. You are my son, not my clone.

2. Your libido does not dictate your actions, you dictate your actions.

3. Your actions, not your friends, define who you are.

4. Flattery gets you nowhere; compliments take you everywhere.

5. Sincerity is the best tool a man can have, next to the willingness to fulfill what you’ve promised.

6. A man drinks whiskey; it’s not how…

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