5 Things Men Need To Understand About Women

Thought Catalog


Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman here are a few reasons why:

Having to be nice all the time.

It’s strange how men don’t have this problem. See, the absolute worst thing a woman can be is a bitch, and when you are a woman, ‘bitch’ just means ‘assertive’, or even sometimes just ‘not constantly apologizing for being alive’. When some vile saggy-pantsed bro loudly passes judgment on the fineness of your ass in the street and you fail to respond with a coyly flattered smile, you are a BITCH. When some bald-headed farty coot is sitting in the train seat you’ve reserved in advance online and you say ‘Could you move, please?’ without first raising your voice to a sugar-sweet, apologetically squeaky register, you are a BITCH. (True story.) When you basically do anything without first apologizing for doing it, you are a BITCH. BITCH BITCH BITCH.

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