The Sunday Currently | 01

The Sunday Currently | 01
The Sunday Currently | 01

Greetings! This is my first time to write and join siddathornton’s Sunday Currently.
Btw, I woke up late this morning (11:30 am). Lol. Need to prepare pa for Jeh’s (my high school friend) birthday at The Heaven’s Garden (cemetery). Yes, he passed away last July 2015 due to motorcycle accident. Its sunny today and I will have a picnic celebration with my friends.

On this Sunday, I am currently…

Reading Facebook comments. Yung post ko kanina na picture with my friends.

Writing My first The Sunday Currently entry! I got this idea from Ms. Maine Mendoza while stalking her blog. Lol. Gaya gaya lang. And she got the idea from Lauren, who started everything.

Listening to Twerk It Like Miley! Na-LSS ako! Maghapon ko yata to narinig. Uso kasi yung AlDub, so yung mga friends ko na boys ginagaya si Alden Richards sa pagpapa-cute. Video will be uploaded soon! Haha!

Thinking – “Monday na naman bukas! Ang dami ko pang gagawin sa office. Dahan dahan lang po please.”

Smelling Level 4 (spicy level) Jackie Chan that I ate this dinner at Big D’s! Super sarap! Must try.

Wishing more holidays to come. 😛 gusto ko lang magkaroon ng one day rest na nasa bahay lang. Lol.

Hoping I will have a productive work week ahead.

Wearing my ARMY T-shirt from Baguio City and my favorite yellow shorts from Lee Pipes.

Loving the fact na may regular topic na ako every week for my blog (The Sunday Currently). Tinatamad kasi ako. Haha!

Wanting to satisfy my food craving! Haha! Sobrang dami ko kasi gustong kainin!

Needing more time and more kasipagan to do exercise. Planning to play badminton na nga on Friday e. Holiday kasi! 🙂 sana konti lang ang maglaro sa Centro nun!

Feeling great. Nakasama ko ulit yung high school friends ko kanina. Nakakamiss talaga sila 🙂 btw, all boys kami kanina. Haha! Ang saya lang nila kasama. Chill chill lang. Nothing’s changed. Ang kukulit padin. 😀

Clicking my Good Night playlist on Spotify.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Good night! 🙂

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