THANKS GOD IT’S FRIDAY!..NSTP class only!!YEHEY!..A while ago is our Preliminary in NSTP, we need to defend our proposal to Mr. Arthur Anterola which is our facilitator.

I felt so nervous when our teacher came. Group 3 is the first reporter, second is Group 4, next to Group 4 is Group 1 and we our the last reporter. Erica Banasihan is our leader, our cute leader..hAhAhAhA!…:)….Our friends called her Erica Joy..

I’m the second reporter for our Group, I explained about the objectives of our Group in Barangay Palingon. Our project is all about segregation because when we went there last week, we noticed that there are many garbage..

-Marjorie Grace P. Fortus..-



Early this morning,  I was shocked because Abi and I are the only person at the gymnasium. We thought that they have done in our Preliminary in P.E. . Then after an hour they all came..  We have started in our Preliminary Examination in P.E… My group mates are Martin,Ron,Moog, Rhodel,Philip, Maan,Judy Ann,Kim and Erica.. We our group 2 and we are the first performer..  YIPEE!, Finally we got 92!…. We got the highest score …