I pretend to be a statue. I feel the shakes inside. I touch the shutter button. I worry about the blurry result. And I cry that the moment has forever passed. Me, plus you. i’ma tell you one time.. =)

– – Rhodel, laurel – –


that’s are friends are for..

Friends.. friends smile at you. They like your face. They want to be with you any old place. Friends have fun with you. Friends share they’re glad when you’re happy when you’re sad, they care. If you’re a friend then you care, too. That’s why your friends are glad you’re you!! =) hehe..

– – Rhodel Laurel – –


who am i?.. 😀

I am an ordinary person with a hero’s heart.. I have an ordinary mind with thoughts that set me apart.. I have an ordinary body with blood that flows of poet’s ink.. I have have two ordinary eyes that see beyond your soul.. I have an ordinary love that is deeper than can be told.. And i shall die an ordinary death yet lived an extraordinary life.. 😀