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Photo of me by Mikhail Tapang

Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

I am Erica Banasihan. My friends call me “ Eca”. My close friends call me “Kang”. On the internet, I’m ericabanasihan. I am ($CurrentYear – 1993) years old. Has a degree in Computer Science from Colegio de San Juan de Letran. I’m a programmer/web developer who lives in Laguna, Philippines on purpose and works full-time at International Rice Research Institute. When I’m not busy programming you’ll probably find me eating, sleeping, playing volleyball or badminton, playing guitar or keyboard, browsing (stalking someone lol), reading or playing games on my iPad.

I guess the best way for you to know more about me is to visit my blog often.


This site was created on November 19, 2009 for one of our major subject, “Internet and Webpage Development” during my first year in college. This is where we post all of our lab assignments and all other activities that related on that subject. After that semester, the choice is ours if we wanted to pursue this or not. So I just decided to continue this blog. Why not, ‘di ba?

This time, I will not cover any specific topics. I’ll just write anything I want (in English or in Tagalog). Everything comes out into my mind. Sounds fun, right? Hihi! 🙂

Just to share.  This was the “old” version of my ABOUT page. Lol

PS. I did not delete my older posts (during college days) yet. You can still browse and laugh at the same time. 😛


You can say anything about me. 🙂 I made my blog to express my thoughts and feelings, not to please anyone; not even you, whoever you are. 🙂
If you want to say hi, I’m most responsive on Twitter, and feel free to contact me through email if you have questions, or something!