The Sunday Currently | 04

The Sunday Currently | 04
The Sunday Currently | 04

Greetings! I woke up at 8am today to attend 11am mass at St. John Bosco Parish – Santa Rosa, Laguna with Mikhail and his family. Ngayon na pala ise-celebrate yung birthday nya at ng ate nya na dapat bukas pa. Hehe. Ayern. Nag lunch nalang kami sa Racks sa Paseo 🙂

So, – On this Sunday, I am currently…

Reading unread messages on my phone. Lol. Usually kasi, nauuna lagi magising si Mikhail sakin kapag weekend. So nauuna sya mag text. Hehe.

Writing My fourth The Sunday Currently entry. Walang makakapigil! Haha

Listening to Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift on the radio. Habang papalabas ng Ayala Greenfields dahil dun kami nag shortcut. Lol.

Thinking .. Since today na nag celebrate si Mikhail ng birthday, ano kayang gagawin namin bukas? Nag file pa naman kami ng leave pareho. Haha!

Smelling baby back ribs and onion rings from Racks! Wheew! Sarap!

Wishing Mikhail a Happy Birthday! I pray to God to keep your faith alive and to help you succeed in every stage of life. I love you! :*

Hoping that we can celebrate your birthday every year! 😉

Wearing my pink polo shirt from Lacoste and a skinny jeans.

Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me! Haha! Naks!

Wanting a sleep. Nakakaantok talaga kapag sobrang busog! Haha. Sobrang antok talaga uyyy!

Needing an exercise. Lol. Ang taba taba ko na. Ang dami ko nakakain palagi. Haha sarap talaga ng cake sa Purple Oven!

Watching Paper Towns for the 2nd time this week! Lol. Di pa daw kasi napapanuod ni Mica. Hehe

Feeling sleepy. Kapagod ang byahe pauwi.

Clicking my phone. Tinetext si Mikhail para hindi makatulog sa byahe pauwi.
Have a Blessed Sunday, everyone!

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The Sunday Currently | 02

The Sunday Currently | 02
The Sunday Currently | 02

Greetings! Last day na ng long weekend! Thanks to another holiday (Eid Mubarak) last Friday ‘coz I got a chance to sleep more. Refreshing! 🙂 So as usual, I woke up late this morning (11:00 am). I have to take a bath na because today is my Lolo’s birthday celebration (pero sa Tuesday, Sept 29 pa talaga)! 🙂

On this Sunday, I am currently…

Reading Mikhail’s text messages. Pupunta kasi s’ya dito sa bahay nila Lola para mag lunch at mag meryenda. Maki-celebrate ba, ganern. Haha!

Writing My second The Sunday Currently entry. And I’m starting to like it! Hoping for more entries. Oh Santo ng Kasipagan, be with me!

Listening to Alden Richard’s song, “Wish I May”. Hahaha! Dunno why, hindi ko naman masyado gusto yung kanta the first time I heard it. But now, LSS na! Naka repeat pa! Hahaha! Epekto siguro ‘to ng magandang episode ng Kalyeserye at date nila kahapon ni Maine Mendoza sa mansyon. Lol.

Thinking about everything that needs to get done this week sa office. This week na ang deadline ko. There’s a lot, but it’s all do-able. So do it I will. It’s time to take a step back, be productive, and remind myself that I’m doing the best I can.

Smelling the delightful aroma of my Tita’s fried chicken this afternoon. I ate a lot. Naka 4-pcs of chicken ako! Haha! Favorite ko eh 😀

Wishing for a new smartphone. Please. Ang bagal na ng Android phone ko eh! Haha!

Hoping to meet all of my deadlines this week.

Wearing pambahay during my Lolo’s birthday celebration. 🙂 just a yellow souvenir T-shirt from Pagudpud and my favorite violet Volleyball Jersey shorts with my comfy Nike slippers.

Loving this day! Family day, literally! Thank you Lord, I am so blessed!

Wanting Dunkin Donuts Choco Butternut and a Venti cup of Coffee Jelly frappe from Starbucks.. Ohhh! I love! ♥ → ☕

Needing a smartphone. Hahahaha. Srsly.

Watching GMA-7 Sunday Pinas-Saya! Hahahahaha! This is my first time to watch that noontime show! Yun na pala yung katapat ng ASAP. LOL! WHY? What happened? Naging comedy bar yata. 😀 Eh ako, no choice kundi panuorin. Wala naman ako sa bahay para mag demand ng ABSCBN shows. Haha! Kapuso kasi mga nakatira sa bahay nila Lola eh. 🙂

Feeling FULL. I ate a lot today. (what’s new? Lol)

Clicking my iPad, playing 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip.

Happy and a Blessed Sunday, everyone! I hope that you are having a great weekend. (◕‿◕)

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton.

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Subic Beach, Matnog, Sorsogon, Bicol, Philippines

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Pagkatapos ng napakahabang byahe, almost 16hrs of driving (kasama na ang stop over para mag CR, kumain at 1hr traffic sa Quezon) for 500+ KM from Tagapo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna to Matnog, Sorsogon, Bicol na halos feeling mo eh flat na flat na yung pwet mo kakaupo, sobrang sulit naman ang lahat ng ‘yon dahil sa relaxing view ng lugar ng Subic Beach! 

Great islands to be hopping on and in between.

Subic Beach of Matnog, Sorsogon, Bicol

Super fine ang sand. Parang Boracay! This place is a hidden gem of bicol. The beach is awesome. You don’t have to pay a lot to experience white sand and blue waters. This is nature at its finest. I am hoping that people who come here won’t spoil this place.

Photo: Ms. Mica Infante

Fine white sand din ang floor ng dagat kahit malayo ka na.. Hindi masakit sa paa kahit walang slippers. Mag eenjoy ka talaga!

Photo: Mrs. Leticia Tapang

Amazing amazing view! Cool blue water and has a relaxing atmosphere. Great place for camping with family or with friends and loved ones! I super love this place. I hope it maintains its cleanliness and virginity!

Photo: Erica Banasihan (ME) and Mr. Mikhail Lorenzo Tapang
Beautiful view of Subic Beach

If you’re looking for a place with an awesome scenery worth spending time with your family and friends, you don’t need to go somewhere else. Subic beach will keep you enthralled by its pink soft sand and crystal-blue waters. Island hopping will keep you busy for a while or you can rent a boat and try visiting the Fish Sanctuary…

SUMMER 2014!

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Since summer na, magpo-post ako ng mga ideas kung san kayo pwede pumunta this summer! Syempre yung mga napuntahan ko na. Hehe!

Enjoy lang tayo guys.. Gala lang ng gala! Sulitin lang ang bawat weekend natin with family and friends! Kasi pagtanda natin di na natin magagawa yan. 🙂 Sabi nga ni Gandhi, “Live like there’s no tomorrow and learn as if your life depended on it.” Ayos diba?

Para naman sa mga taong takot mangitim ngayong summer, tamang tama sainyo itong quote na ‘to, na nabasa ko lang sa Pinterest:
“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever!”

Oh ‘di ba? Makes sense! 😀 kanya kanyang paliwanag nalang. Haha!

Photo: Legs of Samantha Tapang Infante at Subic Beach, Matnog, Sorsogon
Photo: Legs of Samantha Tapang Infante at Subic Beach, Matnog, Sorsogon

15 Ways to Save Money

Saving money is hard – and boring. And most of all, it’s so not effective!

There’s the matter of self-discipline that you need to develop.

You probably heard your friend say, “Tsaka na ko mag- iinvest kapag may ipon na ako.” Well actually you can save money whenever you can; careful planning and knowledge can direct you to financial freedom. If you are interested, read these helpful money saving tips.

How do you define savings? One of the biggest mistakes that Filipinos make is how they define savings. It usually equates to:

Salary – Expenses = Savings instead of Salary – Savings = Expenses

Lessen your expenses.
Since having a raise happens once a year, the best way to save money is to lessen your expenses. Here are some suggestions:

  1.        Save money by allocating at least 20% to your savings account.
    Whenever your money comes in, get the 20% and deposit it directly to your savings account. Not only that it would help you jump start your investment, you will have enough money to cover for any emergencies that will happen in the future.
  1.        Plan your meals.
    This could really save you a lot of money if you take packed lunch in the office and buying in bulk can actually let you save more. This is not so hard because we have a lot of amazing cooking mothers and great cooking bebots (beautiful ladies) in the Philippines.
  1.        Plan your grocery shopping.
    Planning your meals ahead can spell ‘savings’, it saves you time and money in going back and forth to the store and ingredients that you need for the week can be bought in bulk, always ask for a discount when you are in the public market.
  2.        Try to stay at home more on the weekends.
    Chances are if you are outside the house, temptation is everywhere especially when you are at the mall. You tend to eat expensive meals and transportation just adds up.
  3.        Buy local.
    It may not be so obvious but by buying local you can actually save a lot of money because these items are cheaper. Not only you are getting savings you are actually helping the Philippines’ economy. How about hitting two birds with one stone sound like?
  4.        Cut down your cable and landline.
    Do you really use these? With cell phones and computers you can actually watch TV shows on the internet and actually talk to people in your country and overseas and that is for free!
  5.        Calculate your hourly rate.
    From your hourly rate, you will then decide whether you want to spend hours worked, instead of money earned. Let’s say that you earn P20,000 a month and you work 40 hours a week (which is computed into 160 hours a month):

    P20,000 / 160 = P125.00

    Based on my example, you actually earn P125.00 per hour. That dress you’re looking at right now costs P1,500. Do you really want to spend 12 working hours just for a dress? 12 hours of tiring labor, 12 hours of your boss stressing you out, 12 hours of your back hurting, 12 hours of doing confusing reports and 12 hours talking to nettlesome colleagues for just one dress?

    Think about it.

  6.        Include a “guilt trip” card or picture in your wallet.
    Let’s say that you’re using cash exclusively when going out. Every time you open your wallet to take out some cash, you should always see this guilt trip message to make yourself think twice before spending. Some effective messages that you can use are:

    Don’t do it – your older self will hate you for it.

    You worked hard for this money. Don’t just spend it recklessly.

    You’re saving up for emergencies like unexpected hospital confinement or unemployment, remember?

    Don’t be pressured into buying that dress! It doesn’t look good on you – the saleslady’s just being polite!

  7.        For cash users, save your “sentimental” bills.
    All bills have serial numbers and letters on them. Designate a certain letter that you’re going to use to determine if a bill is sentimental or not.

    As my name starts with the letter “E,” I would save every bill with a serial identification that starts with that letter. There are times when I’m lucky, because only my P20 bills had “E.” But just recently, my P1,000 bills became my sentimental bill. It’s better to think of money this way: you’re saving it for yourself.

  8.        If you’re using credit cards, include a compelling photo in your credit card’s sleeve.
    This photo can either be motivational (a picture of the Eiffel Tower because you may be saving up for a trip, or a picture of your potential small business’s logo) or disastrous (a picture of a hospital’s emergency room or a homeless elderly). Choose something that will make you hesitate in swiping that card.
  9.        Freeze your credit cards.
    If you really can’t control yourself from using your credit cards and you know that you also can’t afford to pay the full balance and in time, just freeze them! Get a container, fill it up with water, put your credit card in it and store it into your freezer.

    The worse your lack of self-control is, the larger your container should be. It’s pretty inconvenient to wait for your card to defrost when your friends are already waiting for you.

  10.        Carry only big bills with you.
    When going out with friends, carry only bills in P1,000 denominations. (If you don’t have them, don’t go out in the first place!) There’s just something psychologically excruciating in breaking your P1,000 bill just for a P140-cup of cappuccino. It’ll really make you decide whether or not to spend your money.
  11.        Save that change.
    If you spend your P1,000 bills, though, make sure you save the change in your bank account. Have a motivational jar in your house and stash all your change in there. Then, every two weeks, deposit this change in your savings account and forget it exists.
  12.    Set up automatic transfers.
    I’m pretty sure you can talk to your bank about this one. You’ll have 2 bank accounts here –account A is your salary account and account B is your savings account, preferably no ATM.

    If your salary goes into account A, you can ask your bank to withdraw (at least) 5% and deposit it to account automatically. Don’t trust yourself enough to do this manually. The pain is just too unbearable. Leave it to automation instead.

    And the most important,

  13.    Ask the necessary “Do I need this?” question.
    Oh yes, instincts tell us that most of the items we grab are wants than needs. And, supermarkets are designed for us to buy the things that we don’t need.




VM300 and VM500 Denomination

Gusto mo bang makatipid sa load mo at mag-unlimited text to all networks for 30 days or 60 days for only 10/day or P8.33/day? Plus consumable internet and with free calls pa? Ang sim na to ang para sayo!!!

Introducing the ENHANCED X-Clusive Load Packages:
VM300 & VM500 Enhanced Load features and Mobile internet.



Watch this video:




STEP 3. in the LOADXTREME menu click “LOAD” and press OK
STEP 4. click “LOAD TO SELF”
STEP 5. type in your ID# and click OK
STEP 6. type in your PIK and click OK
STEP 7. choose whether you like VM300 or VM500

Lastly, you will receive a confirmation message that yu are now registered to VMOBILE X-clusive PACKAGE 🙂

*Make sure u have enough load wallet to avail this product! 🙂
*Yung VM500 po pala ung inavail ko dyan kaya good for 30days..

Contact me to avail:
SUN +63 943 529 3947
GLOBE/TM +63 935 910 0864
SMART/TNT +63 920 973 7056

Extra Income Opportunity for only P4,998 or P8,888 (worldwide)

Are you ready to be a Global TECHNOPRENEUR?

A 24/7 Prepaid Convenience Store Right at your Finger Tips,

with WORLDWIDE Prepaid Loading System.

Be Part of our Group!

Retailership and Dealership are available only to any of our  Vmobile Dealer. 

If you are SERIOUS IN MAKING MONEY, I am willing to teach TRADE SECRETS that can make your DREAMS come true.

IMAGINE, maliit na capital pero malaki ang income potential.
Work part time or full-time, and EARN EXTRA INCOME! 5k-50k/month or something better!

Ang kikitain mo rito ay magdedepende sa effort mo. Kung wala kang pangarap at ayaw mo umasenso, hindi ito para sa’yo!

students, undergrads, full-time tambay, employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, OFW’s, network marketers, etc.



> 1 Technopreneur Account
> 40 Technouser Accounts
> 41 Vmobile Sims
> 1 Vmobile MyLifePro Manual
> 1 Vmobile Tarpaulin
> 40 Sets of Quickguides
> 1 Product Guide
> 40 Price Lists
> P300 Load
> Life Insurance of up to Php 100,000 (good for 1 Year)
> SM e-PLUS Tap-To-Pay Card

* FREEBIES: 300 Loadwallet


Php 27,000.00 (DOUBLE or TRIPLE the earnings!)
* comes with INSTANT EARNINGS of 2,600
* FREEBIES up your Loadwallet total to 2,000

*When you reach a certain milestone here in Vmobile (Activate Level 4 in 1 MONTH)



1 – Technopreneur Card – Membership card that holds your membe ID and activation code . This is not  a prepaid card.

2 – MyLife PRO prime manual – Get started on knowing more about MyLife PRO, how it works, and how you can earn with this easy-to-understand manual.

3 – VMobile Business Tarp – Let everyone knows you’re enjoying the business and ready to share the opportunity. Post this tarpauline on strategic places where passers-by can easily inquire right away.

4 – Program Quick Guides – Learn how to start the technology from your mobile phone. These quick guides and product brochures simply tell you how to do it.

5 – Technouser Cards – Your pack contains 20 of these cards that you can sell for only P250. Sell all (P5000), and you have your investment returned.

6 – Free SMART SIM Cards – SMART is a partner of VMobile and has included 3 VMOBILE SIM cards in every kit. You can either sell or give these away.

7 – Product and Price List – Pocket-friendly pricelists that guide you when someone asks you to load their prepaid products. It also shows you the discounts that you get for the different products and denominations.

*If you chose Wellness Package

8 – Apollo Toothpaste – A partnered wellness product. No selling required. Apollo toothpaste is the only toothpaste in the world that uses probiotic science. Apollo toothpaste has bacteriocin extract for it’s active ingredient, Apollo toothpaste is also flouride free and best for people with gingivitis and mouth ulcers (singaw), as well as sensitive teeth.

9 – Moringa Exceed – A partnered wellness product for you to enjoy only. No selling required. Moringa Exceed is the pure powedered leaves of the Moringa Oleifera tree that is carefully and scientifically processed. Moringa naturally combines its nutrients with over 46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflamatory compounds which are well absorbed by the body.

*If you chose LoadPlus Package

8 – E-Plus Tap to Pay  – SM Cinema’s e-PLUS Prepaid Card is a simple and convenient way to enjoy the movies.

With e-PLUS prepaid cards, you no longer have to endure lining up at the ticket booth to watch a movie. Go straight to the cinema, insert your prepaid cards and enjoy the movie.

e-PLUS prepaid cards also give you the flexibility of choosing a movie schedule convenient for you. Are you unable to make it in time for the screening time? Not a problem! With e-PLUS, you can simply catch the next available screening without any hassle.

9 – P300 Loadwallet – Once registered Loadwallet will be automatically credited to your account.

CONTACT (Erica Banasihan):

SUN +63 943 529 3947
GLOBE/TM +63 935 910 0864
SMART/TNT +63 920 973 7056